Bye bye endless brainstorms for campaign ideas.

This is Young Campaign.
This is our animal kingdom.

You want to send out newsletters every month. Write blog posts regularly. Publish engaging content on social media. 

But you need good ideas to keep your audience happy.
We’ll give you just that.

Specific campaign idea every month. With a detailed description of the campaign and how you should use it.

A list of 10 SEO keyword combinations to use for blog posts, in line with the campaign idea of course.

PR hooks and media suggestions that will pick up on your campaign. Get the most out of every campaign idea.

Say bye bye to brainstorms

Your marketing team can focus on the actual marketing work. We hand over the campaign idea, now just focus on creating newsletters, blogs, social content and more.

Highly rated young creatives

We brought together the most talented creative talent out there. Young Campaign is a powerful team of creatives with a total focus on your marketing campaign ideas.

Campaigns push your growth

Having a hard time engaging your audience? Work with monthly campaigns to give them fresh and cool content. It will drive growth AND engagements instantly.

We don’t replace your marketing team. We empower it.

Young Campaign is not your average creative team. Marketing campaigns need to keep your current customers and find you new ones. We do the creative work so you can execute.

If you want to truly engage your audience you need to work with campaigns. This brings you a fresh approach to your audience every month. You keep your current customers happy and reach new customers easier and faster.

How to get started.



Request your first FREE campaign idea. We learn about your current audience and tone of voice. You will see how we add instant value, no strings attached.


If you are happy, like 95% of our customers, we’ll do this every month for you. We will set up your personalised dashboard where you will see your marketing campaign ideas.


When a campaign idea is ready, you’ll be notified. Find a specific marketing campaign idea, the SEO keywords to use, and PR hooks to get that sweet free publicity.

Step into the wild. See Young Campaign in action.

No strings attached, no payment details needed.
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